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So I sort of haven’t been on for a while and I think tonight is the last night I’m coming on here. I wrote a letter to my family tonight telling them about my self harm and that I was Bisexual and then threw it in my sisters room and waited outside while she read it. Those were probably the worst moments if my life waiting for her to finish the letter. Anyway then my Mom came and read it and she is probably telling my dad as I type this so now it’s just my youngest sister that I need to figure out how to tell her. I can easily tell her I’m bi it’s the self harm part that I’m worried about. Anyway just thought I would wrap up this blog with this post and leave you with links to my other blogs for you to check out. - A sink fandom blog where I post pictures of sinks and write sink fanfiction - A fandom blog that is mostly Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Also Disney and other things depending on my mood. - My self harm blog.

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please read thsi ITS SO IMPORTANT AND GOOD

"Other retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, The Entertainer and TK Maxx have agree to banish ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ signs from the aisles following intervention from Let Toys Be Toys."

this is fantastic news



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Friendly reminder that yesterday when my mom took me to Walmart she left me alone in the toilet paper section and this guy started hitting on me and I said “Sorry, I’m a lesbian.” and he was like “Oh my god I’m so sorry I thought you were a boy.”

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